Revolution Ammunition LLC

Our Standards

When a consumer purchases a product, they want to be assured that the product has met certain high standards so that it will be fit for the purpose for which it is intended.

The same is true for the warfighter in the field, the Police Officer on the streets, and the competitive shooter on the range. When the standard is not met, the result could be disastrous and result in injury or even death. At Revolution Ammunition, quality control is an especially crucial part of the process.


Revolution Ammo’s main source of brass comes from military, government, and police ranges where, this once-shot brass is remanufactured, cleaned, and inspected to ensure that the integrity of the casing is in tact and up to standards. Our rifle brass is processed by a third-party that specializes in the multi-step processes associated with once-fired rifle ammunition (trimming, annealing, resizing, etc.) where it is then sent back to us for visual and mechanical inspection.

We also offer ammunition manufactured using new brass, in select calibers, and will continue to increase these selections as they become more widely available. Our primary focus is providing top-quality ammunition at an affordable price

Inspection Process

Although the majority of the inspections that take place here is performed on finished ammunition, all of our components are thoroughly tested for reliability and consistency. Projectiles, Powder, Primers, and Casings are all regularly inspected, individually to ensure they meet our standards.

Each round that comes our of our factory goes through a 12 step visual and mechanical QA/QC process that takes place both during and after the manufacturing process to ensure every dimension of our ammunition meets SAAMI specifications.  

All safety standards and operating procedures are strictly adhered to when testing.

We performboth indoor and outdoor testing to ensure all external factors are accounted for.

Once the ammunition is fired, the spent cases are further inspected for any visible defects, and to insure that the case has not broken apart or was not extensively damaged by the actions of the weapon.

All in all, the testing of ammunition is a rigorous process but well worth it, for no task is too difficult if it means making sure our customers get safe, quality ammunition that does what it is supposed to do. This is our business, we take dependability personally.